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?Love is all around! Valentine's Day is coming soon and we would like to invite all of you to celebrate with us here at SoulCams!
?Our photo contest is back: upload your best love themed photos and let members vote on them.
Collect points and get a share of the 20,000 tokens prize, that is up for grabs for 7 lucky contestants !
You can upload photos as from 5 February and members can start casting their votes on 11 February.

?Make sure that photos contain elements connected with Valentine's Day, love, romance, sensuality, etc. and are not explicit (think of glamor or artistic nudity).

You can read more on the photo contest on our wiki page . If you have any questions, look for our online support chat or drop us an email.

There will be special Valentine's Day themed tips available during that time. Also, Members will get extra tokens betwen 13-15 February and 5 lucky Members will win the amount of tokens back that they purchased during that period.

Contest time and date is based on UTC-8 (PST).


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Sexy Uniforms - Upload your best photos to win!

Transformation is part of our everyday lives. Every spring, nature is reborn. This spring, we invite you to reinvent yourself through photos. The topic of our next photo contest is professions. We know how beautiful and talented you are in front of the camera. Now it’s your time to shine and show us what you would look like in a different profession wearing a sexy uniform

The two main ideas to follow are to be creative, and the profession must be recognizable. The photos will be manually approved by our support team, and they only accept photos, that are clearly connected to a special profession (a few examples: construction worker, secretary, chef, maid, doctor/nurse, firewoman, policewoman, etc.). You can upload multiple photos, and the model with the most points across her portfolio wins. Dare to be creative: the members will be the judges!

Members vote by casting votes that cost tokens. Getting more votes will increase your revenue and also your chances to win one of the 5 cash prizes. We are giving away 20.000 tokens!

Remember, the votes of VIP and Fanclub members means double points.

You can start uploading your photos on Tuesday, 25 March 00:00 and voting starts on 29 March 2024. The contest will end on 5 April 2024.

Videos are not part of this contest, but we encourage you to upload them if you have as free or paid ones.

Read our photo contest rules here.

Contest time and date is based on CET.
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Changes in payout limits, new website, token deals
Payout Limit

Your feedback counts and we do listen to our partners. Earlier this year we changed the general payout limit to $300. We received a lot of criticism about that decision and we are now glad to announce, that as of today, the limit has been reduced to $100. The only exception is wire transfers, where the minimum payout limit remains at $300. Models who were affected by the higher limit should log in to their account and make the necessary changes.

Hidden Cam

The Hidden Cam feature is now available again, so you can hide your stream if you need to.

SoulCams 2.0                                           

Software development is not exactly rocket science, but it sure has a few pitfalls and challenges. Despite these obstacles, we are actually proceeding well and we believe we will be able to showcase the new website soon. We are not talking about minor updates and design changes but a fully new website with new features and an intuitive interface. We'll keep you informed!

Token Deal

Viewers will get 20% more tokens on every third purchase during this weekend . Would be a wise move to fill those tokens up now!
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