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¿Por qué FCP cerró?


I know it will not help the current problems, but the following information can give an idea of why it happened. It should also be a warning that more problems may arise. Sorry, the article is in English. It is speculation, but it seems to fit the facts.

Belize's Choice Bank Limited was "forced" into a position of liquidity restriction. I guess it means that your assets have been frozen effectively. The idea is that MasterCard started this as part of its BRAM program in response to tax haven and money laundering laws. But it seems that FOSTA / SESTA is the legislation that pushed them to take this action now.


Paxum apparently had foresight to make other arrangements, although they were also associated with Choice Bank (hence the problem with their current cards). I hope things start to resolve and maybe FCP will take some steps to make it work again too. If this law is really the reason why this happened, however, there could be more interruptions like this in the future. When things start to return to normal, I think it would be beneficial to have multiple payment options available in case there are more problems like this.
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